Active Pro Watches

Active Pro Watches

Active Pro Watches

Active Pro Watches are a line of digital and smart watches that offer exceptional durability and functionality that aligns with the needs of the modern world. 

The standard wristwatch has had to evolve with the advancement of technology to sustain its place in the digital age.  Smartwatches offer users the opportunity to do more than just tell the time.  They keep their users connected through the use of apps that allow them to receive and answer phone calls and texts, with the ability to track their movements and more, all from the convenience of their wristwatch.   

Active Pro Watches are an exciting innovation that offers more than just a timepiece.  In general watches of the 21st century look very different from their predecessors in both style and functionality, but it’s the smartwatches that are driving the future of the industry, with most brands incorporating smartwatch technology into their footprints.  

The Active Pro smart watch range includes both men's watches and women's watches that look and function exactly the same, distinguishable only by their colours.  In a world of gender fluidity, the range becomes more suited to anyone with a style set that could be classified as unisex watches.  

The colours in the Active Pro range are very neutral; blacks, greys, whites, or pale pinks.  The range offers two types of display; the rectangular-shaped face with rounded corners and curved edges that look very similar to a mini mobile phone, or a rounded face that appears more like a standard watch.  All styles have a durable silicone or resin strap that can be interchangeable on some models.   

There is no doubt the Active Pro watches range has everything one needs to keep organised and fit in the frantic of life, even the kids have the opportunity to benefit, from Active Pro's interactive little Einstein-talking kids smart watches.  

Explore the Active Pro Watches range today and take advantage of the various finance options available including Afterpay, Zippay, and Klarna as well as free shipping on all orders over $69. There’s never been a better time to shop at Grahams.

*Please note: Measurement results of smart watches are for reference only not for any medical use*.

Is the Active Pro smart watch waterproof?

No. Active Pro smart watches are not waterproof.  It is important to treat your Active Pro watch with the utmost care and never get it wet.  Substances that include acidic or alkaline solutions, chemical reagents, or other corrosive liquids will damage your smartwatch and void your warranty.

How do you use an Active Pro smart watch?

Active Pro smart watches connect to iOS and Android phones via bluetooth connectivity.  The watch operates via its very own App. Technology; The V-Band App.  You will need to download the App onto your mobile phone device to begin syncing your mobile phone data to your Active Pro Smart Watch.  

Each individual model in the Active Pro range has its very own set of instructions that make connecting your device easy.  It is recommended that you follow the instructions as they appear in the manual of your Active Pro model.  

Depending on the features included with your model, your Active Pro watch will sync via bluetooth to your phone's device and allow you to begin interacting as you would normally on your mobile phone, assuming it is within the mobile phones range.  The App will allow you to control your watch and monitor your data. 

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