Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds

Featuring stunning designs that are affordable, eco-friendly and timeless, experience the sustainable beauty of our Luminesce Lab-Grown Diamonds collection.

Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds

Shop gorgeous Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds online & in-store at Grahams.

Lab grown diamond jewellery is precious. These amazing diamonds are lab-created, but are almost identical to mined diamonds in look and composition. The minuscule differences between lab and mined diamonds aren't even visible to the naked eye. 

If you're someone who values eco-friendly, ethically sourced products, you'll love lab grown diamonds. All of Grahams' diamond jewellery is ethically sourced, but supporting lab diamonds is also supporting a cause larger than Australia. 

Another amazing benefit of lab diamonds is the higher clarity and improved colour you get for the price. For this reason, Luminesce Lab Grown Diamond rings are the perfect choice for dazzling engagement rings, or for romantic gestures. Luminesce Lab Grown Diamond earrings are also luxurious and achievable.

Find a full range of Luminesce Lab Grown Diamond necklaces and Luminesce Lab Grown Diamond bracelets at Grahams. Each piece is set with expertly cut, sparkling diamonds, and set in beautiful gold settings. And, for a finishing touch, you can add one of our brilliant Luminesce Lab Grown Diamond pendants

The Australian-owned Luminesce is also known for its pink diamond jewellery, which is a stunning alternative to Argyle diamonds. 

Explore our collection of beautiful Luminesce Lab Grown Diamonds at Grahams. We offer Zip, humm, Afterpay and Latitude Interest Free. Choose our fast dispatch items to get your new diamond jewellery sooner. 

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