Initial Jewellery

Initial Jewellery

See our range of stylish initial jewellery from Grahams.

Initial jewellery is a fantastic way to adorn a personalised piece of jewellery that is meaningful and unique. There are many different reasons why people wear initial jewellery. You could wear your own initial, or that of a loved one to show them just how much they mean to you on a beautiful necklace.

Initial jewellery is also a great gift option for special occasions such as a birthdays, graduations or anniversaries. Jewellery pieces such as charm necklaces and pendants are always considered extremely thoughtful and will be cherished by your loved ones. 

Our range of initial necklaces and initial pendants are especially popular and are great for everyday wearing with a range of styles, designs and colours. If you’re looking for something classy and sophisticated, a gold pendant is a timeless choice. If gold isn’t your colour, silver pendants are a staple and at Grahams, there is endless opportunities. 

Also explore our array of  Thomas Sabo necklaces that exude character and individualism. Perfect for layering and stacking, the THOMAS SABO charm club has unique and contemporary pieces crafted in quality sterling silver. 

Jewellery is a fabulous way to express your own personal style. Whether you’re looking for something really meaningful or simply trendy and fashionable, an initial piece will be the finishing touch to any look. 


Are initial necklaces in style?

Initial necklaces are a timeless piece that will never go out of fashion. However, right now they are considered especially trendy!

What do initial necklaces mean?

Initial necklaces can meaning anything that your heart desires! It could be the start of your own name or someone you love.

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