Diamond Jewellery

Find the best range of diamond jewellery at Grahams. 

Dazzle with beautiful Australian diamonds, rose gold diamonds, white gold diamonds, yellow gold, pink diamonds and white diamonds. Or maybe you're interested in our black diamonds? Our coloured diamonds are for everyone. After sourcing elegant and unique diamonds for over 80 years, our buyers know what it means to find a high-quality piece of jewellery

Each stone we source is hand-selected and every final product is put through a rigorous Quality Assurance process so you can be sure you're receiving a premium product. What makes our customers mean the world to us is the honour we feel in sharing their journey. We are here to provide a special touch to any occasion. Looking for diamond engagement rings? Let us help. We have a certified diamond collection

From diamond pendants to earrings, bangles, chains, bracelets, rings, diamond necklaces, and accessories, we have a piece for you. Our range of men's and women's jewellery has stunning pieces for every outfit and occasion! Don't know where to start? Our range of diamond jewellery sets provides a great starting point and they also make a thoughtful gift! 

Looking for a bargain? Shop our diamond sale to find huge discounts on your favourite diamond jewellery. Visit us in store for a personalised shopping experience or shop jewellery online now. Don't forget to check out using our finance options. We offer Zip, humm, Afterpay and Latitude Interest Free. Choose our fast dispatch items to get your new diamond jewellery sooner. We are certain you'll find the perfect piece at Grahams. Happy shopping! 

For Diamond Jewellery in Adelaide, Marion, Smithfield and West Lakes, visit Grahams online or in store.


For Diamond Jewellery in Adelaide, Marion, Smithfield and West Lakes, visit Grahams online or in store.

Which diamond cut looks biggest?

How big a diamond cut looks depends on a number of factors. The depth and shape of a diamond’s cut also play a role in how big the stone looks. One of the biggest diamond cuts is the oval cut because of how much real estate the stone takes up on the ring. Of course, the size of the cut also depends on how many carats your diamond is.

What colour is a diamond?

Diamonds come in a range of different colours. From white, yellow, pink, black, blue, orange and red, diamonds colours are developed within stones over millions of years. Coloured diamonds are often referred to as fancy diamonds while pure diamonds are perfectly transparent and colourless, over time, defects can occur that cause colouration. 

What is a 1 carat diamond worth?

The cost of a 1 carat diamond depends on factors such as the cut quality, clarity, colour and shape of the diamond. This is all part of the 4 C's of diamonds. Here at Grahams, our 1 carat diamonds range from $500 to $14,000. 

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