Drop Earrings

Drop Earrings

Find feminine and alluring drop earrings at Grahams online or in store. 

These highly fashionable accessories get their name from how they drop below the earlobe. This style gives designers the chance to create mesmerising earrings that bring out facial features and lengthen neck lines, for maximum allure.

You’ll find dazzling stones, intricate shapes and the perfect drop earrings in our range. Discover diamond earrings, gold earrings and silver earrings all to accentuate your natural beauty. 

For other equally gorgeous jewellery, explore stud earrings, chain earrings and hoop earringsUnearth Grahams' vast range of drop earrings today. Stop by one of our five store locations or browse online.

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What does drop mean in earrings?

The “drop” in earrings refers to the way the pieces drop below the earlobe. Drop earrings are common, and you’ll likely notice the dangling pieces in most fashionable earrings.

Can you wear drop earrings every day?

You can wear drop earrings all day if you’d like to, especially if the pieces are comfortable and aren’t too heavy. Sometimes stud earrings can be larger and healthier for your piercings, and may be better to wear overnight.

Do earrings have meanings?

Earrings are the perfect way to express yourself! Many people associate their earrings with their own self-identity; it’s nice to find your own meanings and value in the pieces you’ve bought or been gifted.

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